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AS150T Tracked Air Density Seperator | Hybrid | Rokbro

AS150T Track Air Density Separator is a HYBRID Single Drum Air Density Separator. The AS150T will separate light fraction from heavy fraction. The Air Separation Chamber has variable speed blowers and an adjustable nozzle to produce an air stream that carries light materials upwards and over the separation drum. Dual Power Ready – Connect directly to the mains supply energy.
CAPACITY Air Separation Module 2 x 11kw Blowers
CAPACITY Splitter Drum 1800mm VSD
CAPACITY Lights Conveyor 1200mm
CAPACITY Weight 25,000 kg
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frequently asked questions

What is Dual Power?

M&K dual power technology systems are designed to give users a choice between diesel and electric power. The machines can be run as standard diesel or connected to an external electricity supply.

Is a Quarry box available?

Yes.  The Recycling box can be swapped out for a quarry box very quickly & easily.  The RS514T can then be repurposed to an application better suited to aggregates.

Can the Mid size and Fines conveyor both discharge the same side?

Yes.  The RS514T recycling screen is designed for waste and many waste operations occur on a site boundary or along the side of a building.

What is a 3D anti snag top deck?

Top Deck Screen media is designed to prevent snagging and contamination of mid Size product by long pieces. When it comes to waste recycling this is a must have. Conventional punch plate or mesh screens block up in minutes with rags/wire/plastic. The 3D deck allows these types of material to flow, reducing blockages and downtime.