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Teuton Z60 Single Shaft Shredder

There are 30 interchangeable shredding tools on the three-metre long shredding rotor. The counter-blade has 19 teeth. The design is simple and robust and allows the distances between the shredding tools of the shredding rotor and the counter blade to be varied quickly and flexibly. This means that, depending on requirements, the final product size can be adjusted with more than ten different setting options. After passing the counter blade, the material falls onto the discharge belt. In addition, a screening basket can be provided. The optional screening basket system enables the machines of the TEUTON series to produce a specified product size in a single pass if required. After shredding, the material first falls onto this screen basket, which encloses the lower half of the shredding rotor. Only material smaller than or equal to the specified product size passes the screening basket.
CAPACITY Weight 34,000 kg
CAPACITY Shaft length 3 meters
CAPACITY Sizing Screen YES
CAPACITY Reversible shaft YES
CAPACITY Availible in Hybrid/Electric YES
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